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Shit happens. A one shot


Triple Treble.

Synopsis: Beca’s birthday and one year anniversary surprise.

Rated: M

Word count: 2, 511

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Jeca shippers are just mad that our ship makes more sense than theirs

And Bechloe shippers are just mad that our ship isn’t and never will be canon.

it’s a fucking film about A Capella

People need to cool it with the “my ship is better” or “my ship is canon”

We all get our ships from the same movie, at least we have that in common. Can’t we just leave it there?

Alright I’m gonna finish this night on one last note.

People have every right to be upset that people are hating on their fandom, I went through the Jeca tag and saw a lot of shit about bechloe being better than Jeca and “reblog if you ship Bechloe over Jeca”

Why are you tagging that shit as jeca? If it’s not contributing to their tag, keep It the hell out of there. I don’t blame this person for being upset. Bechloe shippers get just as upset when we get posts in our tag.

It’s true, it’s not every bechloe shipper. But unfortunately some people don’t get the point, so hopefully reading this they’ll finally understand.

A tag is specifically used for whatever you’re posting about. Don’t use some other fandoms tags to get your post more notes.

So adding shit like “reblog if you ship bechloe over jeca” in the jeca tag is not contributing to that tag or their fandom, it’s only causing drama. Especially because people reading the Jeca tag are JECA SHIPPERS. Why would they reblog a post about shipping bechloe?

That is all. I have nothing else to add. Keep the peace and be respectful.

I'm sorry you got dragged into all the fandom drama. This kind of crap is stupid, it's like some people have nothing better to do than troll tags and make sure their specific hate writing is getting attention. Go you for calling them out, though, you're pretty awesome and it sucks that people are going to you directly now to focus their hate speech on.

Awww thanks, but no one is really hating on me or anything. This person is just stating their opinions, they’re just going on about it the wrong way.

Thank you though!



All this talk about Jeca shippers hating on Bechloe shippers, and Bechloe shippers hating on Jeca shippers is ridiculous.

A) The bechloe fandom is not nearly as active as it used to be

B) I honestly didn’t even realize people were still active in the Jeca fandom enough that…

But I am posting relevant content on the tag. I am posting honest, observable facts and situations that you turn a blind eye to because it makes you all look bad. You just dismiss it as ship hate because it reflects negatively on you and you don’t like hearing that. I don’t hate on the ship, I hate on the shippers, and I’m calling them out on that. I ain’t sorry for disrupting on your echo chamber.

I don’t give two fucks about how it makes me look. I know that I, myself, do not post hate in the Jeca tag and that’s all that matters. You’re not posting relevant stuff in the tag, you’re posting stuff that YOU think is relevant because you’re upset that people are hating on Jeca. Guess what? All fandom get hate. It’s immature and shouldn’t happen, but it does. The fact you’re feeding into all this hate and bullshit is what makes you the immature one, and even I’m being immature by actually responding to this. I don’t understand why you’re letting a few Bechloe shippers knock you down and get under your skin like this? I mean fuck, we get hate about our ship all the time and we don’t care. Our ship isn’t even canon, nor will it ever be. Elizabeth Banks has taken the time out of her day to even make sure that us Bechloe shippers are aware of that. That’s pretty bad if you ask me. SO really, what are you getting out of this? Aside from a little fame and a little drama, what are you REALLY getting out of this? Just be the bigger person, go on with your day and leave it be. Because as much as you want to say Bechloe shippers hate on Jeca, we’ve gotten plenty of hate from Jeca shippers.

Ps. The fact that you keep going INTO the bechloe tag to check if anyone is feeding into your hate and drama really shows me that you’re not speaking your mind for the right reasons. You’re doing it to cause problems.

dixiechicksserious replied to your post: All this talk about Jeca shippers hati…

is like they are asking for Jechloe


All this talk about Jeca shippers hating on Bechloe shippers, and Bechloe shippers hating on Jeca shippers is ridiculous.

A) The bechloe fandom is not nearly as active as it used to be

B) I honestly didn’t even realize people were still active in the Jeca fandom enough that Bechloe shippers can hate on them

C) No one cares who the hell you ship, you’re all starting drama for no reason. I ship Bechloe but guess what, I fucking love Jesse. He’s a cute little goofball that I want to just cuddle for eighteen hours.

So stop posting your hate and opinions in the Bechloe/Jeca tag if it’s IRRELEVANT to the tag.

Because in the end, you’ll never win. There’s always going to be that one person who never gets the point and still posts their irrelevant shit in other peoples tags. The best you can do to prevent it is not be that person.

Pitch perfect is a freaking movie about two A Capella groups that royally hate each other but in the end, learn to deal with one another. And that’s what the Bechloe and Jeca fandom should start doing. 

What's your head cannon for chloe and beca's first date? Chloe asking. Chloe making the first move?


I feel like I can’t just have ONE headcanon for something like this tbh, but yeah, in most circumstances I think Chloe would make the first move.

She asks and Beca’s almost surprised. Poor Chloe, rolling her eyes, almost exasperated with ALL THE HINTS SHE HAS HAD TO DROP before finally just asking, and really. REALLY. “I walked in on you showering.”

"I thought that maybe that was just a you thing."

"It was a me checking you out and liking what I see thing," which, you know, Beca is flattered! Just look at Chloe! 

But dating someone else in the Bellas feels… almost wrong. Weirdly close to incest, and Beca is just getting a handle on this CLOSE FRIENDS thing, so she’d really rather not ruin it. She’s skittish. So they make it super casual, just dinner somewhere close to campus which they’ve totally done before, but this time it’s a DATE.

So Chloe pays and Beca makes a pouty face, and offers to pay for drinks after. 

"Deal," Chloe says; "because I plan on getting wasted."

Beca wonders if she was just TRICKED.

So they do, they go for drinks, and they end up singing in each other’s ears and Chloe is still VERY MUCH a close talker when she’s no longer entirely sober, and Beca very much does not mind. They keep tugging on each other’s arms and clothing, and are almost tangled up together walking home.

Because of course, Beca insists on walking Chloe home after. SHE IS A GENTLEMAN, who struggles to get her flannel shirt off to wrap around Chloe’s shoulders, in case she’s cold. (She only thinks to ask after she’s already done it. “Are you cold?” And Chloe gives her this KNOWING GRIN that’s almost insufferable, so Beca SCOFFS. AND ROLLS HER EYES. AND GRINS DESPITE HERSELF, BECAUSE FUCK, CHLOE IS CUTE.)

Aubrey is WAITING UP and jumps to answer the door as soon as she hears the key rattle. She lurks in the doorway until Beca leaves, without a kiss, but then Chloe chases Beca down the hall, snatches her hand, and gives her a quick kiss.

Perfect first date.