Bechloe fic recommendations? Also, when are you going to update 12 days?

okay, here’s the deal. the last time I read a fic was probably almost a year ago, but here are my old favorites from when the fandom had just begun. so if you’re new to bechloe, these fics were almost written 1-2 years ago…yeesh…it’s been that long? anyways, enjoy!


A line in the sand

I guess I do

Anonymous (self promo technically because we wrote this together)


I swear this time I mean it


You have everything that I could ever want

You speak to my soul like you’ve known me before (personal favorite of hers. This fic fucked with my feels so hard)

This time I’m going after love

Remembering her comes in flashbacks and echoes



Stone hard as bulletproof glass (most amazing fic ever, this will take you awhile to get through. You know how every fandom has that one fic that is famous and known by everyone? This fic is that. In fact, you’ve probably read it).


Bombastic love

And I am still working on an update, it’s hard because I feel like I suck.

literally going to attempt a chapter for twelve days of Christmas and I realize that I have to read it because it’s been that long since I last updated it that I have no idea what’s going on in my own fic.

bravo for me, I really did it this time.

Do you know the link to Arrythmia? (Idk how to spell it)

I don’t know what you mean, sorry.

Shit happens. A one shot


Triple Treble.

Synopsis: Beca’s birthday and one year anniversary surprise.

Rated: M

Word count: 2, 511

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Jeca shippers are just mad that our ship makes more sense than theirs

And Bechloe shippers are just mad that our ship isn’t and never will be canon.

it’s a fucking film about A Capella

People need to cool it with the “my ship is better” or “my ship is canon”

We all get our ships from the same movie, at least we have that in common. Can’t we just leave it there?

Alright I’m gonna finish this night on one last note.

People have every right to be upset that people are hating on their fandom, I went through the Jeca tag and saw a lot of shit about bechloe being better than Jeca and “reblog if you ship Bechloe over Jeca”

Why are you tagging that shit as jeca? If it’s not contributing to their tag, keep It the hell out of there. I don’t blame this person for being upset. Bechloe shippers get just as upset when we get posts in our tag.

It’s true, it’s not every bechloe shipper. But unfortunately some people don’t get the point, so hopefully reading this they’ll finally understand.

A tag is specifically used for whatever you’re posting about. Don’t use some other fandoms tags to get your post more notes.

So adding shit like “reblog if you ship bechloe over jeca” in the jeca tag is not contributing to that tag or their fandom, it’s only causing drama. Especially because people reading the Jeca tag are JECA SHIPPERS. Why would they reblog a post about shipping bechloe?

That is all. I have nothing else to add. Keep the peace and be respectful.

I'm sorry you got dragged into all the fandom drama. This kind of crap is stupid, it's like some people have nothing better to do than troll tags and make sure their specific hate writing is getting attention. Go you for calling them out, though, you're pretty awesome and it sucks that people are going to you directly now to focus their hate speech on.

Awww thanks, but no one is really hating on me or anything. This person is just stating their opinions, they’re just going on about it the wrong way.

Thank you though!